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Higher Education MCQ Part 1 (in Hindi)
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This lesson presents the expected questions of Higher Education for NTA UGC NET December 2018.

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Unacademy user
Sir 1959 is the answer All India Radio
Sir question no 4 Ka answer. I think ki option D Hona Chahiye. bcoz regulator or regulatory body to MHRD hai.
educational TV was first introduced in India in the year -1961
Vishnu manoj
9 months ago
Sanjukta rani
9 months ago
yes sure...
sir if possible pls provide answers in last slides tht will help us to do a quick revision through slidea
Sir,If possible plz bold the answer.
  1. NTA UGC NET Paper - 1

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  3. Higher Education

  4. Part 1

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  6. The main governing body at the tertiary level of education in India is (a) NCERT (b) CBSE (c) AICTE (d) UGC

  7. Government established the University Grants Commission by an act of Parliament in the year (a) 1980 (b) 1948 (c) 1950 (d) 1956

  8. The tertiary education includes (a) Primary and secondary education (b) Higher education (c) Vocational education and training (d) Both (b) and (c)

  9. Which of the following is the regulator of higher education? (a) NCERT (b) AICTE (c) UGC (d) MHRID

  10. The idea of Four Pillars of Education was suggested by (a) LTNICEF (b) UGC (c) NCTE (d) LTNESCO

  11. Which of the following agency put forward the concept of proactive university? (a) LRNDP (b) LINESco (c) AICTE (d) UGC

  12. CHEER stands for (a) Children Enrichment Education through Radio (b) Child health education electronic recording (c) Children for Engineers and Energy Requirement (d) None of the above