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Heat - Introduction and Terminology (in Hindi)
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Heat, Heat capacity, Specific heat capacity and units of heat

Udit Gupta
A Mechanical Engineer from NIT Allahabad here to help learners with physics. Also a Star ⭐ educator.

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Hey dear anurag. Please share my courses with your friends if u found that this course is helpful in your Gate preparation. 😊
Anurag Singh
a year ago
ok i am going to share.
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Sir, Heat aur temperature me confusion ho raha hai, ki enme kya difference hai.
Udit Gupta
9 months ago
heat is measure in cal or joule, temperature in celsius or kelvin.
9 months ago
thank you, Sir
sir, mazze aagye muje aajtak koi calorimetry ni samjha paya 😂 lekin apne kr dikhaya. really simple nd udham wala explanation 😎
Sir there are two courses in this 1.Heat and Calotimetry 2.Heat Transfer Are both courses different
Udit Gupta
a year ago
this one is incomplete with respect to heat.. you can find the other course on heat as well. just search it out..
Sir baki ke bhi thermodynamics ke videos daliye..Main part to upload hi ni kiye h
Udit Gupta
a year ago
haha, surely in some time you will find it here.
Yes..Thank you kyunki 2 mahine bache h aur abhi thermal physics chuye bhi nahi h..Dhnyawad
Being COOL
a year ago
plz tell from where u had done full thernal physics for jee main..? my other lessons r completed but thermal physics iam lacking plz help!!!!!!!!!!
I would like you to also see my lessons on calorimetry and recommend suggestions
  1. Calorimetry Udit Guptal MNNIT Allahabad | Ex VMC Faculty

  2. Heat It is a form of energy which determines the change in thermal state of a body and is defined as the flow of energy from one body to the other body due to difference in the degree of hotness of two bodies (temperature). It flows from the body which is at a high temperature to the other at low temperature. 2

  3. VISUAL ANALYSIS Hot Cool Hot Cool Cool Hot Heat flow Heat flow Heat flow ToC ToC Although the total heat energy acquisition of cool body is more, heat flow is something that is always temperature dependent. No heat flow

  4. CALORIE One calorie is the quantity of heat required to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water by 1 C Earlier people used to think that heat and energy were different entities. In the later years we found relation between both. SB 4

  5. UNIT OF HEAT As we know the unit of energy is Joule (J), there must be a relation between the two. 1 ca 4.184/ In some places we still use calorie, because it became a convention to use this unit while calculating heat flovw DID YOU KNOW? Einstein said mass can be replaced as a unit of energy. (E mc2) 5

  6. SPECIFIC HEAT CAPACITY The specific heat (s) of a substance is the quantity of heat in calories required to raise the temperature of 1gm of that substance by 1 C Its units are callgm/ C or J/gm/oC The heat lost by a body or gained from a body depends upon the difference in the temperature The heat lost or gained by a body, QmsAe Where, m: mass of the body, s: specific heat capacity of the body,A0: rise or fall in the temperature of the body. 6

  7. HEAT CAPACITY The heat capacity of a body is the quantity of heat required by the body to raise its temperature by 1 C. It is also known as the thermal capacity of the body. Heat Capacity is the product of mass and specific heat capacity of that body. Hms Two materials having different specific heat may have same heat capacity, if, 7

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