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Half Life (in Hindi)
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In this lesson, Vikas has discussed Half Life.

Vikas Joshi
Consultant at Capgemini, Inquisitive in nature, PGDM from FSM, Delhi. Love to teach. Can discuss anything under the sun.

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  1. About Me B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering. . Worked for Salesforce, Cognizant. PGDM from FSM, New Delhi. Reading enthusiast. Loves to teach. .Helped a number of students to clear exams like JEE, NEET and CAT. Can discuss anything under the sun.

  2. Half Life and Mean Life Part 1

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  5. There are two radioactive substances A and B. Decay constant of B is two times that of A. Initially both have equal number of nuclei. After n half lives of A rate of disintegration of both are equal. The value of n is (a) 1 (c) 4 (b) 2 (d) All of these

  6. No 0 No 0 2 No No ( ) 2 A No

  7. Let ,- and ,-2 Initially rate of disintegration of A is N0 and that of B is 2ANO. After one half-life of A, rate of disintegration of A will becomes N0/2 and that of B would also be N0/2 (half-life of B = half-life of A). So, after one half-life of A or two half-lives of B. (- dN/dt)(- dN/dt) Thus, n1 From the above observation we conclude that, option (a) is correct.

  8. A count rate-meter is used to measure the activity of a given sample. At one instant the meter shows 4750 counts per minute. Five minutes later it shows 2700 counts per minute. Find: (a) Decay constant (b) The half-life of the sample