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"Great minds think alike"-Day 21
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"Measure twice, cut once" and other proverbs are discussed in detail.

Amirtha Devarajan
Student of English Literature. Passionate about teaching.Follow me for lessons on language and literature :)

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sir plz make video classes on other topics of design steel structure
Seraj Uddin
10 months ago
Ok. Will be available very soon. Thanks
My Pleasure
These kind of proverbs will not onlyimprove English but also the personality of a person
thanx for choosing such nice proverbs :-))
Hey. Thank you so much for your regular feedback. I'm all motivated. Feel free to reach out in case of queries.

  2. A LITTLE ABOUT ME English Literature student from DU . Passionate teacher Fitness freak Follow me Your feedback is precious to me - Rate, Review, Recommend, Share and Comment.

  3. GIVE A MAN A FISH, HE EATS FOR A DAY. TEACH A MAN HOW TO FISH, HE EATS FOR A LIFETIME. . Meaning: Don't try to help people by just giving them things. The result wil be temporary. If you want to help someone long-term, teach them how to do things orn their own. TEACHING YOUR KIDS TO FISH Example: Instead of helping our parents with android phones, we can devote some time to teach them how it works. As they say, Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man how to fish, he eats it for a lifetime

  4. GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE Meaning : Smart people often have the same ideas. Example: Jill: Let's ride our bikes to the store instead of walking. Jane: I was just thinking we should do that, too. Jill: Great minds think alike. Moo! You bastard I was going to say that!

  5. IF WISHES WERE HORSES, BEGGARS WOULD RIDE . Meaning: If one could readily have what one wanted, life would be easy Example: Wendy would love a brand-new car for her sixteenth birthday but-if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

  6. IF YOU SNOOZE, YOU LOSE Meaning: You have to act quickly fo gef fhe things you want. Example: If you want to loose wait, get up in the morning and take a walk. If you snooze, you lose You Snooze, You Lose. OU

  7. MEASURE TWICE, CUT ONCE Meaning: Once you've made some decisions, it's hard to change it. Think carefully before making a decisior MEASURE TWICE CUT Example: Think wisely before you enroll yourself info this course Measure twice, cut once.

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