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Graphic representation (in Hindi)
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Graphic representation is good topic for today

Akbar sky
Hello! I am Akbar || graduated with a Bachelor of commerce from MGS university And a Master of commerce in accounts from MGS university.

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ydi sir dono hi 0+0i ho to what is the argument plz reply 🙏🙏🙏 mere according to π/2 Hoga right or wrong reply plz sir
Bhai Ravi answer of this questions is zero (0) because if we put the value of x and y then we will find argument = tan-1(0/0) then tan-1(0)=0 so argument = 0 Ans
  1. aphic hesentation of Data .-

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  3. ead in TROT Determination of Scale 3. 4 Uge of Rao Scole Clarifying fferenees

  4. 31 (ordinetel IL OUAD RANT-I -2

  5. oGrophie method Time or Hstoric/ SS stn butlon T ,

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