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Grammatical Errors - 1
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This lesson will help you identify the grammatically incorrect words in the passage and will give you enough options to pick the correct ones out. Stay tuned for more practice papers

Rachel Shruthi
Graduated from ST. Francis Degree college in bachelor's English literature . I have about 8 months of experience in teaching. Currently pur

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you said that each state is allotted a number of seats in LS in such manner that ratio between that number and population. what is number (in the ratio) means?
thank you mam you have best voice
I think the answer for second bit should be A) on 128 Pine Lane , on . please do reply ...
It seems you are bit confused ... Were you nervous ???
I am very weak in spelling Kindly request give a best gudines for me..thank you for this lesson
  1. Finding Grammatically Correct & Incorrect Sentences

  2. It comprise of questions in which you will be required to determine the grammatically correct and incorrect sentences In this, you will be provided 4 alternatives and you need to analyze which alternative contains an error or which alternative is arammatically correct.

  3. For Example The professor (1)/ordered to (2)/the candidates to go (3)/out of the examination hall (4) In this, you need to figure out which underlined statement is grammatically incorrect? The correct answer will be (2) since it should be ordered' instead of 'ordered to '.

  4. Read the passage below. Then answer questions about errors in the passage. My name is 1) Jay Hammond I am a firefighter. 2)I live in 128 Pine Lane, in Jackson, Mississippi. 3) I have two childs. One is a girl named Clair. 4) The other 5) is boy named Thatcher. 6) His name after my father. I also have a wife named Jenna. She is 7) beutiful. She has long, dark, soft hair. 8) We also got a dog named Buck

  5. He is very obedient but sometimes he barks at night and it upsets our neighbors! 1) A. Jay. Hammond I am B. Jay Hammond. I am C. Jay Hammond I'm D. Jay Hammond, I am 2) A. on 128 Pine Lane, on B. in 128 Pine Lane, on C. at 128 Pine Lane, in D. in 128 Pine, Lane in

  6. A. two child B. two children C. two childrens D. Correct as is A. Other B. Another C. The another D. Correct as is

  7. A. is boy name B. is boy of name C. is a boy named D. is a boy who name 0 A. He is named after B. He has name from C. His name is same D. He is same named

  8. 7) A. butiful B. beautyful C. beautiful D. beautifull 8) A. got dog named Buck. B. got a dog name Buck. C. got dog name of Buck D. have a doa named Buck