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Globalisation -Lesson 5
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In this lesson we have discussed some of the important concepts .

Akankshya Bhagawati
Educational background- I am a Post Graduate in Commerce from St. Xavier's College , Kolkata and working as an Educator in Unacademy .

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  2. What is worldwide interconnectedness? Whatare its components Answer: The worldwide interconnectedness implies to interlink the world through free flow of doods and services, technoloqy, ideas and people across the globe to xtend globalisation. This contains three components: Capit l Flow: It is the flow of resources through loans or business investments amonq the countries. Trade Flows of Goods: It refers to exchange of goods among countries. Labour Flow: It refers to Brain drain' by creating favourable conditions for employment

  3. How has globalisation impacted on India and how is India in turn impacting on globalisation? Answer: Impact of Globalisation on India MNC like the cell phones, fast food etc. Foreign Direct Investment h s increased Inflow of foreign capital (private)

  4. Do you agree with the argument that globalisation leads to cultural heterogeneity? Answer: Cultural consequences do not assume to lead to cultural heterogeneity only. All cultures accept outside influences all the time. Some external influences may be negative even to reduce our choices.