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Global Pressure Belt , Classification of Clouds and Terms
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Describes a few important terms and definitions which are needed for the SSC CGL gk questions , talks about types of clouds , pressure belt etc

Somya Prasad
I am in the final year of engineering(Elect.) from DTU ,I have been teaching since 2013.

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The mcq lesson contains not only the answers but some additional information as well which is helpful
  1. SoMYA X Mount Carmel School Curently Puy'sing B Tech CElecri An achive Participant em AIR, pmint cal) fom media.

  2. GENERAL KNoWLEDLE CONTENTS 1 Tressure and winds 2. obal Pressure Belts 3. Conden sato e int and related terms. 4. Classifiation

  3. RESSURE ATP WINDS Air mevring in a paricular diredion s called wind , cawed by difference in Pressume Am als meves fiem ameas a high pressure to those with lo Pressure The slepe et the pressure frem high to low Tressure decides the dinedien st wind

  4. In additien, the dinecion o wind are affeded by the Conolis fonce, uhich is caused by the Under this effedt, uinds are deflected to their ht in the Northern Hemisphere and to their lest in the Soudhem Hemisphere. This is called Farrels lau .Coiolis is alosent at equator and increases towards the Pole

  5. GLOBALPRESSURE BELTS Equaterial wpical hiah Pressure Bet low PYessure Belt Pressure Bet SY Doldrums H eyse Lattudes Low Pre Tremen d ous heat ,thws uraYm air ses creatin law pressure area usually high temperahure -Ss ure becoz high pyes ure Poles . Here wind Speed Pressure is high lou, and thus ,the, na Doldrums belt cause of to at m otcur

  6. Conden sahem is the transfer mation from vapaur Phase to Diquid phase. phere to ground in any ferm Formed by the (andensatio of water vapour .-Reupitadion is the Pall water fom the atmos- . clouds are masses minutewater droplets , and held in suspenslon in the a mosphere . Mist is the term used far yeduchon of visibiluty 1-2 Km Caused by the ondensatien produina within the Qower Lager atrnosphere

  7. CLOUDS STRATIFORM Cumu Lus CLOUDs CLOUDS thin K m assive douds blanket like with werth cal extent high middle lou clouds dauds Jouds being blliantly uhite they oye called urol douds and resem ble a (aulflawer