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GHG Emission (in Kannada)
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GHG emission from Vehicle is highest in India compared to china

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  5. GHG Emission from Vehicles 1. GHG emissions from Vehicles in India are higher than 2. Various districts in our country are analysed to see how 3. Earlier in developed countries the increase in Urbanisation 4. This is not applicable to developing countries That of the China Much they are emitting GHG Leads to decrease in GHG Emissions India we see that 1% increase in Urbanisation leads to 0.24% 5. In GHG Emissions.

  6. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Fuel price rise is not a solution Increase in price of fuel will not necessarily reduce emission As this does not discourage private commuters Reduction even if its there its not uniform Short commuting are used by Autos Socio- Ecanmomy

  7. 1. 2. Highest per capita emission is in Delhi This is because many people commute from office and back In private vehicle 3. Higher socio economic status of people in Delhi Makes them not worry about the price rise in Petrol Solution would be use of Electric Vehicle and Better Public transport 4.

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