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Geometric Progression - 1
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Basics of Geometric Progression

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Bharat Gupta
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Sir it would have been better if you had explained the lessons in this course in Hindi.
Bharat Gupta
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Now I am working all course in hindi
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Sir have u made this course in Hindi?
  1. SEQUENCE AND SERIES Class -(6 (Geometric Proqression)

  2. GEOMETRIC PROGRESSION A sequence (finite or infinite) of non-zero numbers in which every term, except the first one, bears a constant ratio with its preceding term, is called a geometric progression, abbreviated as G.P. The constant ratio is usually denoted by r and is called the common ratio of the G.P. i Binee

  3. nth term of an Geometric Progression 2 a n-l Point to remember 1. If a is the first term and r is the common ratio of a G. ., then the G.P. can be written as n-I a,ar, ar , or?- - , OT , -- . (ato)

  4. Point to remember 2. Choosing number in G.P. 2 3. Three number a, b and c are in G.P. if 2 b ac

  5. Sum of n term of an Geometric Progression rah. ONwo n ,

  6. Sum of infinite term of an Geometric Progression =

  7. Properties of Geometric Progression av LA @g- or," an

  8. Properties of Geometric Progression on bi

  9. Properties of Geometric Progression bath endo a, a a a as ag lor e na, 9, 16, 32, 6, 128

  10. Properties of Geometric Progression

  11. If 5th and 8th terms of a G.P. are 32 and 256 respectively, then the 4th term of the G.P. is (a) 8 (b) 12 (c) 16 (d) 20 and Com non s = are =32 - dvide aru32 Tu= 2

  12. The 3rd term of a G. P. is the square of the first term. If the second term is 8, then the 6th term is (a) 128(b) 64 (c) 32 (d) none of these. T. 2 T. -r ~2- 2 128