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General Equation of Straight Line and Position of points w.r.t. line
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This lesson discusses general equation of straight line and position of a point wrt line

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Vineet Loomba
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Nice sir, you are god father of maths👍✌️
sir are these lectures sufficient for mains or advance ? (Straight lines only)
Sir how to solve This problem. Problem-If a line joining two points A(2,0) and B(3,1) is rotated about A in anticlockwise direction through an angle 15° such that point B goes to C in the new position, then the coordinates of C are.
Sir, in 3rd example of position of a point.... how are we able to determine that the line( 4x + 4y -3 =0) is below the line (x + y - 2=0).... because if positions of these lines are interchanged then i guess the inequalities will also change ( since, origin and the Point would lie on opposite sides w.r.t. (x+y-2 =0) and vice-versa for other line).... and then the answer would come out to be (R-{whatever the current answer is}).... Please clear this up.
sir is u courses is fulllfill for jee main cause i have math errorless book in that there are too many formulas so i am bit confused i am following u r lessons only
Om Kendre
6 months ago
in trignometry section
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