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General English: Error spotting for KVS part 1 (in Hindi)
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General English: error spotting in sentence by subject verb agreement for KVS/CTET/DSSSB/UPTET (in Hindi)

Dheeraj Kumar
My name is Dheeraj Kumar, I did my Masters in Information Technology from Kanpur University, and bachelor in Arts.

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greatly explained sir. I want to join your plus course but you are not available in plus? plz reply
Lets see. I have requested unacademy team
if there is written every boys and girls then what will be the verb
sir plz solve more examples
Dheeraj Kumar
10 months ago
Ok i will
well explained Sir thank you.
Dheeraj Kumar
a year ago
Thanks and welcome
Sr 1 pas rule h ky
Dheeraj Kumar
a year ago
Dheeraj Kumar
a year ago

  2. HELLO! I am Dheeraj Follow this link: You can find me as: DKG Arora

  3. ERROR SPOTTING Subject and Verb agreement

  4. ERROR SPOTTING SUBIECT-VERB AGREEMENT: Subject-Verb agreement is based on two basic rules. RULE 1 SUBJECT is SINGULAR- VERB is SINGULAR: Example He writes poem. Sing. Sub. Sing. Verb 4

  5. ERROR SPOTTING SUBJECT-VERB AGREEMENT . Vinay Sing. Sub. Exception: (i) With I, excluding am and was, there is always a Plural subject. (ii) You always takes a Plural subject. goes to office. Sing. Verb

  6. ERROR SPOTTING SUBIECT-VERB AGREEMENT: RULE 2: SUBJECT is PLURAL- VERB is PLURAL Example: They Plural Sub. We are riding a bicycle. Plural Verb are planning to visit Canada Plural Sub. Plural Verb

  7. ERROR SPOTTING SUBIECT-VERB AGREEMENT: In general, the number and person of any Finite Verb are corresponding to the number and person of the subject. Example: a They Plural Sub. play Finite Verb plays. Finite Verb . She Singular Sub.

  8. ERROR SPOTTING SUBIECT-VERB AGREEMENT: Here in (i), play is a Finite Verb, where 'They' is a plural subject in the plural form But in (ii), plays is a Finite Verb, where it is with the singular subject 'She' and in singular form Subjects and Verbs must agree with one another in number (singular or plural). Thus, if a subject is singular, its Verb must also be singular, if a subject is plural, its Verb must also be plural

  9. ERROR SPOTTING SUBIECT-VERB AGREEMENT: Important Rules: 1. If the subject of a sentence is singular noun, then it takes a singular verb Examples: is always punctual Sing. Verb has come to see us. Sing. Verb Kate ing. Nourn A visitor Sing. Noun

  10. ERROR SPOTTING SUBIECT-VERB AGREEMENT: 2. If two singular nouns are joined with and, then the verb is plural Examples: e Rahul and Sing. Noun A computer and Sing. Noun Anita Sing. Noun a printer have gone home Plural Verb have been installed Sing. Noun Plural Verb 10

  11. ERROR SPOTTING SUBIECT-VERB AGREEMENT: The duty of every boy and every girl every Sing. Noun every Sing. Noun is to respect their parents. Sing. Verb 12