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General English: Error spotting for KVS Part 1 (in Hindi)
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General English: Find the error by pronoun for CTET, KVS and other teaching examination aspirants (in Hindi)

Dheeraj Kumar
My name is Dheeraj Kumar, I did my Masters in Information Technology from Kanpur University, and bachelor in Arts.

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  2. HELLO! I am Dheeraj You can find me as: DKG Arora Follow this link: 2

  3. 1. ERROR SPOTTING Pronouns

  4. pronoun is a word which is used in place of a noun. Pronouns stands for pro+ noun), which means a word that refers to a noun. What exactly does this mean? A noun is a word for a person, ERROR SPOTTING: PRONOUN lace, thing or idea.Some examples of houns are: Raman, cow, table, and love. Each of these words represents a living or nonliving object or a feeling 4

  5. pronoun can be used to replace one these nouns if you do not want to use the specific noun. For instance,He is a pfonoun that can be used in place of man, it is a pronoun that can be ERROR SPOTTING: PRONOUN used in place of cow or table ut make sure that when a pronoun is sed in place of a noun, it must match the number, point of view, and gender of the noun it is replacing 5

  6. t make sure that when a pronoun is used in place of a noun, it must match the number, point of view and gender of the noun it is replacing. In the sentence: Joe saw Jill, and he vaved at her, the pronouns he and her take the place of Joe and Jill, respectively. ERROR SPOTTING: PRONOUN 6

  7. Types of Pronoun: Personal Pronoun: Personal pronoun are pronouns which includes three persons: Eirst Person (The person speaking): I, ERROR SPOTTING: w PRONOUN 2 Second Person (The person spoken ): You 3. Third Person (The person spoken of ): He, she, it they 7

  8. those associated with a certain person, hing, or group; all except you have distinct forms that indicate singular or p ural number. Personal pronouns are ekways specific and are often used to replace a proper noun (someone's hame) or a collective group of people or things. Personal pronouns have two main groups, one referring to the subject of the sentence and one to the object. ERROR SPOTTING:re PRONOUN 8

  9. Subjective case pronoun: are eronouns that act as subjects of sentences.These are the versions used for the subjects of verb. are often (but not always) found at the be ERROR SPOTTING: PRONOUN inning of a sentence. More recisely, the subject of a sentence is the person or thing that lives out the verb.For example o I am your teacher. You are my best friend. 9

  10. or example s I am your teacher. ERROR SPOTTING: PRONOUN You are my best friend. He and I had a fight. - This sentence has two subjects because he and I were both involved in the fight. She is an intelligent teacher. 10

  11. For example: You should talk to me on this matter. He gave him very bad rating ERROR SPOTTING: PRONOUN begged him for more time. Just then, the police arrived and arrested us. 12

  12. THANKS! Any questions? You can find me as: DKG Arora ollow this link: 14