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Gear Terminology-3
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Backlash, pressure angle are discussed.

Gaurav Joshi
Mechanical Engineer. Secured AIR 5 in ESE & AIR 47 in GATE. Also cleared BARC,ONGC,ISRO. Worked for BARC, HITACHI.Guitar player & Vocalist

Unacademy user
Mam.... 18*12 = 216, 19*22 = 418, 23*36 = 828
Priyanka Aggarwal
3 months ago
bilkul Sahi ab isme se 10 ko subtract kardo answer aa Jayega
Sir, due to backlash will some slip might be introduced??
great effort guru ji.......thank's guru ji....

  2. # ABOUT ME # B. Tech-Mechanic AIR-5 ESE-2017 ATR-u -> GATE-2017 al . Worked fox BARC

  3. hear Terminolo Addendum circle Addendum -Circular pitch- Tooth thicknesS Width of space Pitch circle e Dedendum Fillet radius Clearance Dedendum circle Clearance circle

  4. J) - i n b) air 2.

  5. Back lash u b which a thoth spare T preved jammin aols space) -ioth thickes cMes. eck ash - a ot ar

  6. Pressure An 2. Bessure

  7. Pressure awae Passes thu Pitch peist

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