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Gauss Law (in Hindi)
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Sameer Sadana
Cleared JEE and JEST

Unacademy user
  1. GAUSS LAW 4

  2. GAUSS LAW Gauss Laur statis loud susoce is equal to t chang enclosadl within EXPRESSION that " he total elestic fu out o6 a GC enclosed witrin diuided. Net

  3. enelose NET S nown as the gauss laut , Ulure is chan. ge and eo Flut (4) S due to NET,, electic feed Le it inside t outsidu of the all the Chas qs , susgaa but chage (9) on RHS G6 and not utside te suace the laur is oult that which is enclosed uaithin tu

  4. susbace 4 5 2. 15

  5. Qenclosedo surce chas ge s bostan Qenclosed O since chasqe is Megatiwe

  6. ELECTRIC FIELD DUE TO POINT CHARGE AT A DISTANCE R FROM IT anm Cons da.asthoucal gauwanant ace at distamce ds NET OE.ds Eo

  7. = .ds= gence RH encl Eo Eo lauy: .ds.gence Eo 2.