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GATE Relevant Geometry Questions: Part 20 (in Hindi)
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Question based on Geometry

Deep Sangeet Maity is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Deep Sangeet Maity
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Unacademy user
sir why u not explaining about origin of earth and remaining why u started from stone age
Anurag Patel
a year ago
because it is history not geography
Anurag Patel
a year ago
wo matter aapko geography mein milega.
Anurag Patel
a year ago
history ko stone age se hi padha jata hai
  1. General Aptitude Geometry & Mensuration Questions for GATE Presented by Deep sangeet Maity

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  3. chougle insci bed in ABCD be a.he u313 umhwhich one a cirde of rodius in 1m . , the h and breadH pos1 ble (b) 24, 2 d 2*,0 Ca) 2s, (C) 2, 1o

  4. radius iCum aud breadth ofhe se cheana le

  5. ABCD is a i led triangle. L should be 4 B should be o 26

  6. t shape P le onsle & Cut rgh thesp potenase Jeav There eu Am auen +nang le 'or/. was . of fhe f po kruse of the triangle. y'ma fiang le Jnih So m henaea of Smaller angle. Lul be

  7. G, end C O.SL 0 6 2- =_ Lsing.bc 0 2

  8. 2. O.S L 2 6 L' Cnn2

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