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GATE 2019 Eligibility Criteria
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Information about eligibility criteria, documents for eligibility etc.for GATE 2019

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  1. Pre-Examination Information About GATE 2019 ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA

  2. Eligibility criteria for GATE 2019 Qualifying Degree Qualifying Degree / ExaminationDescription of Eligible Year of Qualificatic n not later than 2019 Candidates . ./ BTech/ B.Pharm Bachelor's degree holders in Engineering/Technology (4 years Currently in the final year or already after 10+2 or 3 years aftercompleted B.Sc./Diploma in Engineering Technology) B. Arch Bachelor's degree holders of Currently in the fina Architecture (5 years course) year or already 2019 completed B.Sc. (Research)/ B.S Bachelor's degree in Science (Post Currently in the 4th year 2019 Diplomal4 years after 10+2) or already completed

  3. Qualifying Degree Qualifying Degree / Examination Description of Eligible Year of Candidates Qualification not later than Currently in the final year or already completed Master's degree in any branch of Science/Mathematics/Statistics/ Computer Applications or equivalent M. Sc./ . ./MCA or equivalent 2019 Int. M.E./ M.Tech. (Post- B.Sc.) Post-BSc Integrated Master's degree programs in Engineering/Technology (4 years program) Currently in the 2nd/ 3rd/4th year or already completed 2021 Int. . ./ MTech. or Dual Degree(after Diploma or 10+2) Integrated Master's degree program or Dual Degree program in Engineering/Technology (5 years program) Integrated M.Sc. or 5 years Currently in the 4th/5th year or already completed 2020 Int. M.Sc./ Int. B.S.-M.S. Currently in the final year 2019 integrated B.S.-M.S. programor already completed 2018

  4. Candidates who have obtained/are pursuing their qualifying degree from countries other than India: o i) must have completed or are in the final year of their Bachelor's degree (duration: at least 4 years) in Engineering/Technology or; ii) must have completed or are in the final year of their Post Graduate (Master's) degree (duration: at least 2 years) in any relevant subjects in science o Note: If a candidate is pursuing any higher degree or has already obtained a degree higher than that mentioned in the Table candidate should select the minimum required qualifying degree while filling the application form.

  5. ELIGIBILITY DOCUMENTS In case the candidate has already passed (in 2018 or earlier) one of the qualifying examinations listed in Table, he/she has to submit (i.e. upload) the degree certificate/provisional certificate/course completion certificate/professional certificate/membership certificate issued by the institute or society.

  6. In case, the candidate is expected to complete one of the qualifying criteria specified in Table, he/she has to upload a Certificate from the Head of the Department/Institute or a copy of marksheet for Section A of AMIE. This certificate must mandatorily have the signature and seal of the Head of Institute/Department with current date.

  7. Certificate from Head of the Department/Institute This is to certify that Mr./Ms Paste Recent Photo of the Candidate S/o or D/o is a student enrolled in the Department of at the | (Passport size) for the Do not attest Do not sign on phote Do not staple photo program as per the details below Name of the Degree: BE/B.Tech/B.Arch/B.S/M.Sc/Int. M.Sc/Int. M.Tech /Other Current academic year of the program: Final/Pre-final (Int. M.Sc/int. M.Tech) Duration of the program_ Signature of Candidate with Date: Signature of the Head of the Department/institute with Seal Date: "trike out whichever is not applicable 31