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GATE 2018 Previous Year Questions of Strength Of Materials Morning and Afternoon Slot (in Marathi)
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In this lesson we will discuss GATE 2018 previous Year Questions of Strength Of Materials morning and afternoon slot (Marathi)

RUTUJA Bothara
Strengthen GATE /PSU/ESE/SSC JE/RRB JE /campus Placements preparation. A passionate mechanical engineer -VIT University

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  1. GATE Previous Years Strength of Materials Questions GATE 2018 SOM solved questions set 1,2 By Rutuja Bothara

  2. RUTUJA BOTHARA . Perusing B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore. (2015-2019) . Placed in Alstom Transport India Ltd e Cleared JEE Mains 2015 e Cleared VITEEE-2015 with AIR 8718 e Cracked HITSEEE-2015 with AIR 91 . Worked as a Career Counsellor in Teachers Academy (2016- 2018) and BOLO app.


  4. GATE 2018 Setl 2 marks A carpenter glues a pair of cylindrical wooden logs by bonding their end faces at an angle of 30degrees as shown in the figure. The glue used at the interface fails if Criterion 1: the maximum normal stress exceeds 2.5 MPa. Criterion 2: the maximum shear stress exceeds 1.5 MPa. Assume that the interface fails before the logs fail. When a uniform tensile stress of 4 MPa is applied, the interface

  5. (A) fails only because of criterion 1 (B) fails only because of criterion 2 (C) fails because of both criteria 1 and 2 (D) does not fail Log 1 Log 2 axis 4 MPa 4 MPa 0-30

  6. Notmal stress at an angle o is 44 COS Go +0

  7. She a .streH an angle -/42) sin Go +0 2 Hehce intetace fals because of both criterior 4 2

  8. . A simply supported beam of width 100 mm, height 200 mm and length 4 m is carrying a uniformly distributed load of intensity 10 kN/m. The maximum bending stress (in MPa) in the is decimal place, eam is(corect to one 10 kN/m 4 m

  9. Maximum bending moinent i5 I.S

  10. Maximum bendin Stres mae lma mae. 6

  11. slope of line AB is equal loung's modulus hence . B C Sc c = o.oo2 Natu aJ Gtain at point 8 s

  12. Thrue strain is siuen by 14 AD MM.DD.20xX

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