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Future Tense
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Future is all set for you to know

Vandana Nehra

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  1. Future Tense

  2. We can use the simple future tense: 1. When we predict a future event or situation g. I think that the white robot will win the race 2. When we make decisions at the time of speaking e.g. What time do you want to meet tomorrow morning? I'll meet you at ten.

  3. Adverbs that used in future tense: tomorrow The day after tomorrow n a few days n two weeks ' time ln a few minutes days later Next Sunday In the future Iwo

  4. Positive & negative statement of simple future tense Subject Aux.verb m verlb You Ou ill We won't on holiday next Sunday be will at home in a few days. 0 They won ie to school tomorrow

  5. Question Form of Future Tense: x.verb subject main verb Objecttime I, you, your Tomorrow? ill We, visit uncle they he,she, be it at home Next Monday?

  6. We can also use be going to' in future tense to express a greater degree of certainty. We can use be going to, to: Talk about what we think will happen soon Look at those biacik clouds. It's gengt 2. Talk about what we have already arranged or decided to do, e.g. I'm going to pun because she is so talkative

  7. Neg. & Pos. Form of be going to' Object time aux verberb amn m not Subect ou We They aren't He She It are oing to visit the boy tomorrow. is isn't

  8. Question Form of 'be going to': aux.verb subject aux.verb m.verb object Am buy a computer? you we they Are going to install some software? he Ishe it

  9. The Comparison of 'will' , 'be going to' & 'will be going': Subject aux.verb main verb obiect You We heyll be He She It Will am going to will be Will are going to punish punishing punish Jackson punishing punish punishing will is going to will be

  10. We also use the future continuous tense to talk about the future. We use it to: 1. Talk about activities that will be in progress at specific times in the future e.g.lil be giving a presentation about mputers at three this afternoon. 2. Talk about arrangements that have been made for the future, e.g. The IT Club will be having a barbecue next month