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Fundamental Principle of Counting
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I have explained multiplication rule in fundamental principle of counting .

Amit Kumar Jha
I am K-12 online math teacher. I have also been teaching Quant for GMAT,GRE, SAT n ACT for last 17 years with good results and feedback .

Unacademy user
is this particularly useful for GMAT ? I am giving the exam in 2020
Amit Kumar Jha
4 months ago
Thank you
Nicely explained ????
  1. COURSE OVERVIEW Basic and Advance concept for QUANTITATIVE SECTION 0 GMAT, GRE, SAT Beneficial for those taking any of the tests mentioned above Or those who want to improve their basic concepts

  2. ABOUT ME Amit Kumar Jha B. Tech Won All India Merit Scholorship Teaching Quant for GMAT, GRE, SAT 17 years) Like comment and share

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