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Functional Dependencies for UGC NET (in Hindi)
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Goal of normalization, functional dependencies with example

Varsha Agarwal is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Varsha Agarwal
UGC NET QUALIFIED |🌟 verified plus educator | winner of Hidden gems award in DEC 2018| n educator of the week award |7 Years of Teaching Exp

Unacademy user
Thank you Arpita for the beautiful course. I have just one suggestion , it would be great if you put the period of that particular period (For example INDUS VALLEY CIVILIZATION 3300 BCE TO 1300). It will bring more clarity to learners.
Mam there are total 12 videos(lessons) of dbms?
Varsha Agarwal
8 months ago
yes this is all about related to normalization
  1. NORMALIZAFI by Varsha Agarwal UGC NET CS

  2. CONTENT OF THE COURSE Functional dependency Loss less join decomposition Keys in DBMS Clouser of FD set Find superkey of relation Natural join FD preservation 1NF 2NF 4tb 63NF 24NF 5NF


  4. NoAmUz atin , , Normaliza tim u-the Pocen e decomposing a big Telte inls smalle relatien relatieo de corm bosing a , l The obiectuve Incongsten Redandany teads theproblem e To achive aluen Fonc tional defende 2)oss less Joun decom

  5. Functional depende Let R be a Then the and X y are the attribute Brk R. FD oles not exict F D exict the FD does mot exkt

  6. )AB No b) A C FD esi

  7. 02. Gate-2o A B cobich 232 2 32 B c not exist bue I has 2walue This

  8. Tcival FD:- Let R be a helat w and xRY aue t attribute e R. Then Y said to be 2 1 42. Note:-zg a tribute em Ri ht hand sole asuhet LHS then Dexist 4 it sa called hira