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Function : part - 4 ( Hindi)
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Important short tricks on function

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Reenu Bala
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Associated Challenges by Steel Sector in India are following:- 1] Global slowdown leads to decrease in global demand of steel 2] China overproduction leads to cheap steel in Indian Market 3] Obsolete Technology in our steel plants which causes process of steel making more time consuming,expensive,low productivity,cheap quality products as compared to other developed countries like USA,Japan,China etc 4] Lack of Credit Steel sector requires huge capital investment but due to slowdown our banks are suffering from NPA problems.Hence there is not enough money to give loans to steel sector. 5]Inefficiency of Steel PSU and other associated problems-poor management-labour relations,underutilization of capacity and resources,lack of high graded coal in India,unskilled labour,inefficient management etc 6] Environment issues and Clearance-it took lot of time hence standstill 7]Mining Issues-due to continue mining,our mines has become deep.Hence mining has become tough and risky. 8] Location of reserves-Iron and Coal reserves are located around chota nagpur area so establishing new plants in other areas and transporting of raw material is very coastly. 9] Lack of infrastructure like transportation facilities,storage losses etc.