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Formulae and Tricks of Quantum Mechanics - Course Overview (in Hindi)
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In This Lesson We Have Discussed Everything About This Course.

Anjali Arora is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Anjali Arora
I Have Done B.Sc (Hons) Physics From Delhi University and M.Sc Physics. YouTuber - Channel MISSION NET PHYSICS EXAM.

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Shreya Bharti
2 years ago
Correct :) Keep answering :)
Is there any question or questions that commonly asked in net gate and jest???
Mam quantum problem bhi krado
thank uhhh diduuuuu
mam please make of emt also
yes... mam... it's very helpful.... like mathematical physics.... plzzz upload complete course of quantum mechanics 😍
  1. Important Formulae and tricks of Quantum Mechanics CSIR NET PHYSICS EXAM PREPARATION

  2. About me My name is ANJALI ARORA. - I have done Hons Physics From Delhi University and Physics with specialization in Electronics. - I love travelling, Reading books & Listening music. Follow me on unacademy anjali.arora.rudra-3177 or ANJALI ARORA

  3. This course will help- To understand the important Concepts & to know about important formulae To make a very good Command on Questions - To become more famililar with the evam pattrn. To know about the important formulae to solve questions in exam. To know about the type of questions which can be asked in upcoming exams

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