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Foreword (in Hindi)
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This course stretches from the work of Plato to contemporary antifoundationalism.

Learn with me: The art of scoring in Political Sc. & IR OPTIONALS looking 4 some advance National & International Commentary ? Follow

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Please suggest books n source for sociology
hii sir..apne psir khud se kese prepare kia and kya books follow ki kya approach thi sylbs finish krne and notes bnane ki detail me ek lecture bna dijiye plsssss
Salute sir!!! Have no words to say ............. , you are doing marvelous. sir where we find 2(B) international relation and foreign policy
a year ago
If you will start from paper 2A.. I have said that I won't create course on Paper 2B..because that content is available throughout the internet plus it's an easy topic. sorry for late reply!
Durgesh Shukla
a year ago
sir what's right way to start this course, means flow of course, which one prefer to do earlier and which one later?
a year ago
start with 2A...then 1B
The Google Drive link-
Tarun mishra
a year ago
sir this link is not working..there is no option to open this can I open this????
I was directed to this page through this link : .To be honest i really didn't think much of you in the beginning but after watching just 3 minute of this video i got the feeling that i was wrong and you are a real deal. Your 2 qualities that i really appreciate are: 1 Simplicity 2 Selfless attitude. May you live long and prosper.
a year ago
Oh...That's so nice of you. It just made my day.
thanks sir...... you solved my problem ...... I am not able to go DELHI for PSIR optional
  1. Western Political Thinkers A fascinating, rich volume offering dazzling insights and incisive commentary on the Pioneers of Western Political Thought.

  2. Hello! I am Amritanshu You can always find me at @Comments

  3. Course Content Englis Explanation- Hinglish AFP

  4. Why and for Whom! Because Thinking about politics is unavoidable. toolkit. To Assist you in learning the Syllabus of PSIR Optional. . To make the unfamiliar familiar and to give you a conceptual .To Help you in GS Ethics To Assist you in Being a Better 'Political Animal

  5. Inclusions Antiquity Liberal Socialist .John Mil Radical . Karl Marx Plato Aristotle Interlude . Machiavelli Possessive Individualism . Hobbes . John Locke Plus... (as required...

  6. You can also Follow (For further insights & Understanding) Sweta Chowdhury Folow Xaverian and Presidencian possessing B.A. and M.A. in Political Science with a quest for liberating through knowledge Sandesh Bhingarde Follow Love reading books, learning new skills, Participating in Social Activities, listening music, trekking & gardening. Navneet Kaur Educator@Unacademy,M.phil(CS) from LPU, Jalandhar, (CS)from GNDU, Amritsar, University merit scholar, Love to read books &cooking

  7. Sources 1. 50 major Political Thinkers 2. Western Political Thought (MA) -Univ of Calicut.

  8. You Should . Must Engage with me in the Comments. Must Complete the lessons according to their groups Follow the sources after completing each Philosopher. Must Listen with Great Attention and must Visualize

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