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Force and Pressure
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Ncert summary of force and pressure

Anchal Sharma
postgraduate in physics

Unacademy user
sir ji aap apne sare material aap apne teligram group pe send kiya kro , waho se vedios hame serial se mil jate hay , sir unacademy pe vedios idhr ka udhr ho jata hay , sir please aap teligram pe bhi sare vedios send kiya karo.
thanks mam it is helpful
  1. Force . A push or pull on an object. Examples: picking,opening,shutting,hitting,] ifting,flicking Etc...

  2. Force in everyday life To move a tyre Jaster it has to be pushed repeatecly Muscular force of animals is used to carry out many dificult tasks

  3. Forces due to an interaction

  4. Exploring forces Forces applied on an object in same direction add to one another. Forces acted on an object in opposite directions result out to be the difference of two forces.

  5. Examples of exploring forc Net force 25 N 20 N to the right ON hrue may nt move the hi ews pulwo

  6. Force can change state of motion.. Kick on football Goalkeeper saves the goal. d)

  7. Force can change the shape of an object.. Stretching of rubber band. A lump of dough. A force can change the shape of an object.

  8. Types of forces. Contact force .Force of frictior Non contact force .Electrostatic forces .Gravitational force

  9. Pressure Force acting on a unit area. Pressure-force / area Pressure exerted by the air surround us is known as atmospheric pressure. Atmospheric pressure-wt. of air /area

  10. Examples of pressure. Nail Porter carrying load