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Find candidate key easily (in Hindi)
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Easy trick to find candidate key in DBMS for NTA NET computer science examination.

Nisha Mittal is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Nisha Mittal
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Sir, i am getting a different answer in question no 5, can u tell me where iam wrong, please. (A+7)/6=22 =>A=125 =>A/5=25.. A=sum of ages of other family members
Mohit sharma
3 years ago
Let me take your solution like this: A=old average; so the total age seven year ago was A*5 but now after 7 years we have 6 members. to total increase in ages would be 7*6 therefore the equation for new average will be like (A*5+7*6)/6=22, which on solving gives A=18;
mam how we calculate number of candidate keys in a relation
done.please teach in English I don't know hindi. please give more mcq mam
Done mam....need more questions from u..thnx
  1. Finding the candidate keys

  2. Finding the candidate keys

  3. Finding the candidate keys

  4. R = ABCDE F = { A-> BE. C-> BE, B-> D)

  5. R ABCDE, F- {A-> BE, C-> BE, B-> D) attribute closure: A+ABDE B+ BD C+CBDE D+ D E+E

  6. R ABCDE, F- {A-> BE, C-> BE, B-> D) attribute closure: A+ABDE B+ BD C+CBDE D+ D E+E The 2 attributes that can not be attained from any functional dependency AC. AC+ A,C,B,E,D)

  7. R-ABCD, F-A-> BCD, C->A) Attribute closure: A+ABCD B+ B C+ABCD D+ D Our candidate keys are A and C

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