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(Hindi) Important course on DBMS: NTA UGC NET


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Nisha Mittal

In this course, the educator Nisha Mittal will provide solutions and important topics of DBMS with MCQs for NTA UGC NET computer science.


29 lessons • 38 m
Overview of the Course (in Hindi)

5m 19s

Keys in DBMS (in Hindi)

8m 14s

Inference rules for Functional Dependencies (in Hindi)

8m 12s

Find Clouser in Functional Dependencies (in Hindi)

8m 08s

Computer Clouser with example (in Hindi)

8m 08s

Calculate candidate key (in Hindi)

8m 29s

Find candidate key easily (in Hindi)

5m 37s

Find candidate key (in Hindi)

8m 07s

Question of candidate key (in Hindi )

3m 47s

Maximum size of the join r1⋈ r2 (in Hindi)

8m 01s

Referential integrity constraint question with solution( in Hindi )

8m 10s

SQL update query related question with solution( in Hindi )

6m 52s

The functional dependencies are satisfied by the instance(in Hindi)

7m 26s

Functional dependencies is NOT implied by the above set (in Hindi )

5m 36s

Find super key (in DBMS )

6m 28s

Conflict serializable (in Hindi)

6m 41s

Decomposition is Lossless or dependency preserving(in Hindi)

6m 01s

Previous year Question with solution of conflict serializable( in Hindi )

7m 12s

SQL query question (in Hindi)

7m 17s

Index file associated related question (in Hindi)

7m 12s

Any non-serial interleaving of T1 and T2 for concurrent execution leads to( in Hindi)

5m 36s

Correct serialization of the transactions( in Hindi)

6m 03s


5m 56s

If the transaction T1 fails after the execution of Read(B),then which is true? (In Hindi)

5m 32s

Referential integrity (in Hindi )

6m 06s

Non recoverable schedule (in Hindi )

5m 25s

The canonical cover for this set ( in Hindi )

5m 18s

Armstrong's axiom( in Hindi )

6m 06s

On-delete cascade( in Hindi )

5m 14s



4 reviews

Ipsita Biswal

reviewed on Oct 12, 2019

ur way of teaching is so nice ... and ur voice is soo cleared , so I love your teaching style. Thank you ma'am .

annu parmar

reviewed on May 26, 2019

ur way of teaching is too good mam.... pls upload some vedio on TOC.... it is quiet tough subject to understand

Parul Goel

reviewed on May 14, 2019

so good and relevant data.very helpful in understanding concepts

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