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Fillers Part 1 (in Hindi)
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Vijendra Singh is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Vijendra Singh
Teaching at Sanctum English Jaipur for three and half years. 600 selections so far in SSC & Bank exams. SUTRA - Read write read write .....

Unacademy user
sir eastern ghat er highest peak to mahendragiri?
Somnath Barui
10 months ago
Na dekhun okhane Ami height mention kore diyechi. is also helpful for us but i request to u plz make video or pdf of banking which ask in bank exam.its my humble requst.
Vijendra Singh
a year ago
Very True..need to make more videos in short time. from next week, I'll do as asked. more focus will be on banking. 100%. this week, don't have that option.
Abhishek Gupta
a year ago
thanks a lot.sir i m very happu bsz u accepted my proposals😊 is also helpful for us but i request to u plz make video or pdf of banking which ask in bank exam.its my humble requst. is also helpful for us but i request to u plz make video or pdf of banking which ask in bank exam.its my humble requst. is also helpful for us but i request to u plz make video or pdf of banking which ask in bank exam.its my humble requst. is also helpful for us but i request to u plz make video or pdf of banking which ask in bank exam.its my humble requst.
  1. Easy but confusing fillers for SSC Vijendra

  2. 1. I got used on the right when I was in the US for 2 years A) to drive C) in driving B) to driving D) for driving to a decision 2. Its high time you A) come C) should have come B) came D) should come word 3. You must remember this lesson word A) by C) to B) for D) from

  3. Word for word - memorize sth exactly as someone said it Raiu memnorized t he speech word for word Anand has an amazing memory. He took one look at the paragraph and was able to recall it word for word. Word by word - look at words one at a time. Critics compared the two versions of the poem word by word to see what made them so different. Neeraja refused to go through the document word by word.

  4. his success in the examination 4. I complimented him A) on C) to B) for D) about praise and blame alike 5. He is indifferent A) in C) for B) to D) about 6. It is A) unlikely C) impossible if we can organize another exam this month B) doubtful D) sure

  5. 7. Having come age his son entered into partnership with him A) off C) to B) of D) by 8. Of late the number of literates A) is B) had gone up C) have D) has a problem 9. Rajesh has come A) to C) against up B) for D) into

  6. 10. We waited at the bus stop A) till C) until the bus came. B) while D) unless 11. Every man craves A) for C) at recognition B) about D) after 12. His conduct is bad, and his honesty is not suspicion B) beyond D) for in C) under

  7. Indifferent to sb/sth- showing no interest The government can't afford to be indifferent to public opinion. Crave for sth - to have a very strong desire for sth / long for Come up against-confront/ deal with/ cope with Come of age - grow old/ mature

  8. the complaint. 13. The inspector must enquire A) of C in B) into D) against both the challenge and the secret of success. 14. There A) lie C) lied B) lay D) laid 15. Vinay does not play cricket, and does Yashwant. B) also D) neither SO C) either

  9. 16. Gandhiji will in history as one of the greatest men that ever lived A) go by C) go down B) go on D) to through fate. 17. He has resigned himself A) in C) for B) into D) to 18 A) could C) must vou wake me up so early on a Sunday? B) dare D) will

  10. to see my collection? 19. Do you A) cared C) want B) like D) got 20. The deadline was nearby, so Mrs Sweth had her students -their essay A) complete C) completing B) to complete D) completed 21. Your criteria A)is C) been not valid B) are D) have

  11. you were talking about. 22. Was it A) she C) they B) her D) them good to be true, 23. The news was A) very B) too SO D) as 24. I'd had A) enough C) too many of their fighting. B) too D) very

  12. 3I. My servant A) have escaped C) has run off with all my money B) was run away D) running away 32. The driver was A) significantly C) fatefully niured; he died within an hour. B) fatally D) vitally 33. Lata Mangeshkar was with a natural talent for musid A) given C) endowed B) found D) entrusted

  13. 37. He is the best singer was awarded by the Prime minister. A) which C) whose B) who D) that 38. 50% of the mangoes A) was C) is rotten B) were D) have been not seen him since he was in the hospital 39. I A) have C) has B) had D) am

  14. Endow with to naturally have a particular feature Entrust to - to make sb responsible Run off with - steal Make off with - steal

  15. 40. I enjoyed A) seeing C) have seen D) to have seen them again B) to see 41. Yesterday I met A) the man C) man wh o said he knew you B) a man D) that man a D.S.P 42. A sub inspector is two ranks A) below C) down B) under D) little

  16. 55. There is hardly A) any C) much -.- milk in the kitchen. B) some D) a little 56. The tea was A) too hot that I couldn't drink it. B) very SO D) much 57. The resort is A) from C) besides the lake. B) has D) beside

  17. in the sun 61. I like A) laying C) lie B) lay D) lying accepting the post. 62. I cannot conceive of A) he C) him B) his D) he'll 63. Rita promised to come but she never turned in B) out C) down

  18. some money for emergency 64. One should always set A) aside C) by B) on D) out 65. I haven't had A) very C) much opportunity to study during the day. B) many D) more your own personal views upon the reader. 66. Do not A) expose C) express B) interpose D) impose

  19. 76. Authority when it is not supported by the moral purity of its user. A) prevails C) crumbles B) entails D) waits 77. Because of his A) extravagant C) unsavoury habits, he could not save much money. B) frugal D) bad 78. The robbers fell amongst themselves over the sharing of the loot. A) out C) off B) through D) across

  20. 85. To explain his design to his visitors, the architect a simple plan on the blackboard A) built C sketched B) finalised D) arranged 86. Though Bonsai, a well-known art form, originated in China, it was -- by the Japanese. A) cultivated B) finished C) perfected D) enlarged 87. Would you mind A) remarking B) saying C) explaining D) talking to the Principal how the trouble started? --

  21. reputed to have a very good sense of humour. 94. The French A) is C) are B) was D will be 95. 'Please' and Thank you' are the little courtesies by which we keep the A) path C) garden of life oiled and running smoothly. B) machine D) river 96. Many of the advances of civilization have been conceived by young of adulthood. people just on the A) boundary B threshold C) peak D) horizorn