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Features and Characteristics of the Fundamental Rights along with some basic One liners (in Hindi).
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Let's discuss some features of the Fundamental Rights

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sir questions no 242 ka calculate samajh nahi aaya hai
on what basis RT property was added in FR later y it got removed ?
sir after completing one topic plz rise one question.... and tell us to answer that question..... by thish we understand batter...thanks lot....
is it enough for mains tooo

  2. Many more to come... Whoa! That's great, aren't you excited?

  3. Q- How many fundamental rights are there? Six R. AGRAWAL

  4. Six Fundamental Rights are Right to freedom of Right to equality (Articles 14-18) religion (Articles 25 - 28) Right to freedom- (Articles 19-22) Cultural and educational rights Articles 29 -30) 05 Right against O Exploitation (Articles 23- 24) Right to constitutional remedies (Articles 32) R. AGRAWAL

  5. Decoding fundamental rights in a doubt destrover manner Some Basic one liners:- Articles Most elaborate FR's are mentioned in Associated constitution derivedfundamental part IIl of the are (12-35) inspiration from USA's right in the constitution Framers of the constitution (Bill of orld 4 2 Fundamental rights) 3 R. AGRAWAL

  6. Decoding fundamental rights in a doubt destroyer manner Some Basic one liners:- " FR's are mentioned in part ii of the constitution - Articles Associated are (12-35) " Framers of the constitution derived inspiration from USA's constitution (Bills of rights is equivalent to Fundamental rights) Most elaborate fundamental right in the world " R. AGRAWAL

  7. Characteristics and features of fundamental rights 1) FR's are meant for promoting the ideal of political democracy. > HOW? Doubt destroyer A democracy aims at maximum Development of its citizen's personality, the development is not possible without giving citizens liberty. > RIGHTS 2) FR's are guaranteed by the constitution to all persons without any discrimination. R,R,C S, P R. AGRAWAL

  8. Characteristics and features of fundamental rights 3) FR's prevent the establishment of an authoritarian and despotic Rule in the country HOW? Authoritarian rule exists when state invades the freedoms and liberties of the people but FR's doesn't allow the state to do so Makes sense now? 4) FR's aims at establishing a government of laws and not of men R. AGRAWAL No men is above law

  9. Characteristics and features of fundamental rights 5) FR's are justiciable You can go to the courts if FR's are violated FR's are defended and guaranteed by the supreme court If your FR's are violated you can directly go to supreme court R. AGRAWAL

  10. 6) FR's are not absolute * Parliament can impose reasonable restrictions on them -* Court's decide whether restrictions are reasonable or not * For example, parliament can make a law imposing reasonable restrictions on the exercise of the Right to freedom of speech and expression " The interest of security of the state , public order, Morality, sovereignty etc R. AGRAWAL

  11. Doubt Destroyer country may be restricted on grounds that cares pending against him In court AB Right to move freely throughout the IIa person is likely to abscond From criminal l R. AGRAWAL