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FAQs on Big Data
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In this lesson, Bharat has discussed FAQs on Big Data.

Bharat Krishn Singhania
Worked as a Software Engineer with Tech Mahindra. Wish to share and impart as much as i can to everyone and anyone willing to learn.

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Binati Sheth
2 years ago
I suppose. I sound like a dying whale though...
yes Aditya sure.. depends on what certification you have done and which technology you wish to go for.
I have done my certification in big data.I am a fresher.Wil I get job offers being a fresher?
  1. FAQs Presented by: Presented bvi io Bharat Krishn Singhania

  2. About Me . I have completed my B.Tech from Krishna Institute of Engg. and Technology with IT(Hons) as my specialization. Currently I'm employed with . Currently I'm employed with Tech Mahindra as a Software Engineer. . I love to teach and explain thing to anyone who wants to learn, and also learn from anyone to everyone.

  3. What is Big Data? What is #BigData? Smartphones by 2017 Customer Purchase 006 Data Data Social Connected Data 2.5 Data Quintillion bytes of data every day tTarget edin 500m+ Social Networks Blogs & Forums Volume Velocity Variety

  4. Real World Examples? Facebook 500+ TB/day NYSE 1TB/day Jet Airlines 10TB/30min Changing face of data.. Every 60 seconds 98,000+ tweets f695,0oo status updates 11million instant messages The Internet Gigabytes Mobile, Social, Big Data & The Cloud Zettabytes Mainframe Megabytes 698,445 Google searches 168 million+ emails sent 1,820TB of data created 217 new mobile web users Yottabytes

  5. Who are Data Scientists? . DA are soon replacing the Business Analysts or data analysts. Dai . T hey are experts who find solution to analyze data. Vi sin . Provides solution to the problem of handling the large data and getting useful info from it. Siner LA.6>.ca d>=ac

  6. Hadoop? Its need? A framework that allows distributed processing of large amount of data sets across clusters of commodity computers * Needed more importantly for . storing, processing, and retrieval of large amount of un-structured data.

  7. Companies Using Hadoop rackspace in Google Morgan Stanley CRS4 IDEAS BE COME LIFE