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Experimental Method and Submerged Bodies (in English)
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This lesson throws light on experimental method and submerged bodies.

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  3. QUESTION An ice block is floating in sea water as shown in figure Shecific gr wily of ice 095 iee block ke HE 1025cM

  4. EXPERIMENTAL METHOD TO FIND METACENTRIC HEIGHT In practice, stability of large sized ships and vessels it is easy to check the stability along with the model testing analysis. For which the given object is scaled down and applied in ideal conditions of fluic. Homent about N- " 19/ ton O: GG, GI M

  5. STABILITY OF SUBMERGED BODIES IN FLUIDS Note :When a body is submerged fully in any fluid then no metacentre is involved, then the stability is obtained by locating the point B with reference to G STABLE EQUILIBRIUM FOR SUBMERGED BODIES (B B is above G it mokes bod e to its orig ina GT position

  6. UN STABLE EQUILIBRIUM FOR SUBMERGED BODIES NEUTRAL EQUILIBRIUM position wo VD B and. Gcancides Moves in tremslabona tion

  7. QUESTION For a body completely submerged in a fluid, the centre of gravity is 'G' and centre of buoyancy is 'O' which are known. The body is considered to be in stable equilibrium if a) O does not coincide with the centre of mass of the displaced liquid. b) G coincides with the centre of mass of displaced fluid. c) O lies below G d) O lies above G Ans :d

  8. QUESTION A floating body with its centre of gravity at'G', centre of buoyancy at 'B' and metacentre at M' is stable when a) G lies above B b) B lies above M c) B lies below M d) G lies below M Ans :d