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Expected GK Questions for Kerala PSC Part 2 ( in Malayalam)
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Expected GK Questions for Kerala PSC Part 2 ( in Malayalam)

Sudheesh Raghavan
Hi, I am Sudheesh,Teaching for Kerala psc exams for two years. Youtuber at PSC 360.I am interested to teach science topics.

Unacademy user
4/8 sir. thank you!
Durgesh Makwan
a year ago
Try to score more in next lesson Vikram .. Keep it up.👍
Khan Adul gaffer Khan Afghan pouranalle
Sudheesh Raghavan
6 months ago
അല്ല , പാകിസ്താൻ
Sir first questionte answer paranjathu thirinju poi, Godwin Austen or mount k2= Pak occupod india, kanchenjungu fully situated in india.
sorry..for mistake.. thank you
a year ago
eanik sirnte class ishttama kaaranam sir nallathupole prepare cheithittanu oro classum eadukunnathu, ente download listil fullum sirnte class undu, u are great sir.....
Sudheesh Raghavan
10 months ago
Pakistan Prime minister - Nasirul Mulk.....Not Shahid Abbasi
njan wikiipidea aanu refer cheythath.. .maariyo ?
Wikipediayil Mariyittundallo....Pathrathilum ndarnnu...
Pakistan... Muhammad Iqbal alle.oru dobt
please explain doubt
Preena Sabu
a year ago
The idea of 'pakisthan' coined by Muhammad Iqbal ? that is my dobt
your right.. but named by Chaudhary Rahmath Ali
  1. Expected GK Questions Part 2 Prepared by Sudheesh Raghavan Follow me > sudheesh

  2. . Wnicn of the following peak Is also Known as 'Daspang'? A) The Everest B.) Godwin Austen C) Anamuci D) Kanchenjunga

  3. 2. How many islands are there in the Lakshadweep? A) 34 B) 32 C.) 36 D) 38

  4. 3. The Revolt of 1857 broke out at: A) Kanpur B) Delhi C) Meerut D) Jhansi

  5. 4. When was the Jalianwala Bagh massacre? A) 1918 April 13 B.) 1919 April 13 C) 1913 April 19 D) 1919 April 18

  6. 5.Who gave Indian National Congress its name? A) Firoz Shah Mehta B) W.C Banergy C) A.O Hume D.) Dadabhai Naoroji

  7. 6. Who coined the term 'Pakisthan' for the first time? A) Muhammed lqbal B.) Chaudhary Rahmat Ali C) Muhammad Ali Jinnah D) Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan

  8. 7. At where the congress met in 1920 which decided to conduct a Non-cooperation movement against the British A) Bombay B.) Calcutta C) Nagpur D) Chauri Chaura

  9. 8. Who is known as Bardoli Gandhi'? A.) Sardar Vallabhbhai Pattel B) Dr. Rajendra Prasad C) C.Rajagopalachari D) Baba Amte

  10. 9. When was Rabindranath Tagore's visit to SreeNarayana Guru A) 1925 B) 1924 C.) 1922 D) 1921

  11. Thank you