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Exercise On The Concept Of Expected Value And Variance
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This lesson focuses on an exercise on the concept we studied in lesson 1. The example will help you in the calculation of probability distribution, expected value, variance and standard deviation of the discrete random variables.

Shreelekha Verma
Masters in Finance. Currently pursuing PG Diploma in Economics from the University of London. You can follow me for Econometrics.

Unacademy user
sir...i think a person can be charged and can be punished under two or three acts .. plz correct me if i am wrong. roman sir also mentioned charging under different acts as an exception to article 20
Aaditya Mishra
3 years ago
Please read sec 26of general clauses act. And plz leave the link to the Roman sir's video where he mentions this. Regards Aaditya Mishra
Akshay Dixit
3 years ago time : 2:40
Mam.. Can u please provide video on the binomial distribution