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Exclamatory - Narration Part 1 (in Hindi)
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This is the first video of Exclamatory sentences. Only foundation based question.

Shrawan Chaora
Dedicated for - Complete course of competitive examinations. My name is shrawan Chaora, having MA in English literature. This is the clas

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  1. Course 2 Narration OPTATIVE 5 EXCLAMATORY Sentences SHRAWAN CHAORA

  2. Exclamatory Def Joy, Sorrow, Anger, Contempt How - Shows Adiverb Adjeotive Sentenczs Hurmal Facline wi y What. shows Adjectvearained wih Sar ne priel witaplate 'ugh!:Exclaim edwithDisgusted

  3. 1, Rule Normal use E Remove What How 2. Rule Without sub Verb HowUse VERY =It + H.v." Great, fine, What: lovely, wonderful, Structure strange, Neutar gender-peculiar, terrible But not VERY)

  4. 1 What a fall it is! A. It is a oreat fall A. It was a red/bio fall 2 WInata six it is A. It vas a bio six 3. How lovely you are

  5. h was a lovely strange place was a lovely garden 7. What a Wonderful scene a. What a big Fountain!