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Everything About a River
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This lesson covers the basics related to river. Such as tributaries, ox bow lake, distributaries, meanders, source, etc.

Khushboo Kumari
Teaching is a passion! Have 5 years of teaching experience. Now, I am on my way to make my dream a reality.

Unacademy user
Very nice motivational video. make more vedio.
trick to remember river and junction, DAV (school) of PAK is BAD says AMAR DAV ..देवप्रयाग & अलकनंदा-विष्णुप्रयग PAK.. पिंडार & अलकनंदा-कर्णप्रायग BAD..भागिरथी & अलकनंदा-देवप्रयाग aMAR..मंदाकिनी & अलकनंदा-रुद्रप्रयाग
Khushboo Kumari
2 years ago
Awesome! Thanks Vishal for sharing :)
thanks mam, it's really too helpful for me so i eagerly awaited your videos.
hi mam...thanks for your effort...i like the way you are teaching
thank you madam. keep up your good work.
thank you very much mam
  1. Basics of River Presented by-Khushboo

  2. Hi! I am Khushboo Khushboo Singh Rajput I have done BCA from DAV College Jalandhar. PGDCA from SVSU Have around 3 years of experience in teaching Hobbies- Cycling, collecting goggles, inculcating imaginative and creative thoughts among children. BCA graduate & PGDCA done. An IPS Aspirant. Educator@Unacademy. Fol ow for CSAT, Reading Comprehension & Current Affairs 13.7k Follwers 37 Following 23 courses Khushboo Singh Rajput (Hindi) Polity Crash Course for UPSC CSE Aspirants (25) 570 Rate, Review, Recommend and Share Khushboo Singh Rajput Corse forc Aspirants

  3. 65 "Confidence and Hardwork are the best medicine to kill the disease called FAILURE" OAPJ ABDUL KALAM

  4. Journey of a River Oxbow Lake Source Where a river lake along a river originates Crescent-shaped ? Confluence Where two rivers/water bodies meet River Mouth The end of the river where it meets the sea. Tributaries Smaller rivers or streams that flow Distributary A branch of the main river that flows out from it. s into a bigger river Floodplain Flat land along the river o that is prone to flooding.

  5. Ox Bow Lake Formation Can you look at the diagram &explain the formation of ox bow lakes? 0x- bow Lake Cut off /Abandoned meander or Ox-bow lake Erosion makes neck narrow During floods river takes shortest course through neck New straight river course - Active erosion Active erosion Active deposition Active deposition

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