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Error Detection: Lesson 1 (in Hindi)
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This is an important introductory lesson giving you an overview of the course and covering a few important questions thoroughly explaining the logics

Sidhant Sharma is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Sidhant Sharma
Cleared SSC, AFCAT, UPSC CDS .... teaching English since 2015.....teacher by passion....

Unacademy user
sir ap hnesha last questio. galat banate h
Dear Sir, grammer crash course me voice bhi add kar dijiye please ssc point of view se complete grammer ho jaygi.ya phir voice topic par eik special class kra dijiye.
Sidhant Sharma
6 months ago
Sure main add karwane ki koshish karta hoon....nai to ek special class le lunga voice pe..... don't worry.....agr update na ho saka to lessons hi bana dunga ispe
Tofeek Ahmad
6 months ago
thank you so much sir aapke english courses ki wajah se me english me best score kar pa raha hu and now i am shifting towards your crash course on grammer to increse my level on grammer .
Topic target series is very doubt sir....sir plz Sath mein December high level course mein b lesson publish kijiye ....
sar good morning mathematics klass kis time hota h sar
  1. CONJUNCT ONS A class covering this topic trom the very basic level to the high level practice Presented by SIDHANT SHARMA


  3. Sidhant Sharma Crash Course on English Gram C https://u /course/crash-course-on-english-grammar-for-defence-exams/6ZSEMG00 a o unacademy Homexplore Plus Login Signup < Back to Plus Crash Cou lish Gr 9 Crash Course on English Grammar for Defence Exams Sidhant Sharma 14k followers 0:09/12:35 YouTube 16th January to 28th January 2019 In this course. Sidhant Sharma will cover all the important topics of English Grammar along with PYOso CDS/NDA/AFCAT. All the Questions will be discussed on the latest pattern of Defence Exams. The course will be conducted in Hindi and notes will be provided in English. 18 hours of live classes Private Discussion Forum Doubt clearing sessions and Live quizzes 1,500 Includes 18% GST Apply for this Plus Course About this course O Last date to apply is 15th Jan 1025 PM 12/17/2018 Desktop Narnste America

  4. He was not (A)/ so well versed in (B)/ English that we had expected. (C) (D)/ No Error (E)

  5. Mrs. Varun (A)/ not only stopped coming (B) / here but also going to any place (C) /which is related to her past tragedy. (D)/ No Error. (E)

  6. Nobody else but(A)/you might be declared (B) /responsible for the (C) / loss of those articles. (D)/ No Error.

  7. The teacher said (A)/ to the students, Go through the (B) / notes as many times as possible (C) / lest you would fail. (D) / No Error. (E)

  8. Neither the doctor (A/ or his assistants (B) /were asleep when (C) / the phone rang up. (D)/ No Error. (E)

  9. e Because he has (A)/ been ill for a month (B) /so he does not (C)/ come to the office. (D)/ No Error. (E)

  10. You must either (A)/ inform the police (B) /else be prepared (C) to suffer any loss (D) No Error. (E)

  11. As soon as the peon (A)/ bell, then all (B) /the students assemble (C) /on the ground for prayer. (D)/ No Error. (E) ings the first

  12. Her not only comes here (A)/ for shopping but also for (B) / having a glimpse of (C) /the extremely beautiful sales girl (D) No Error. (E)

  13. Scarcely had he bought (A)/ the ticket when the guard (B) /showed the flag and (C) /the train started. (D) No Error. (E)

  14. This is not such (A)/ a major problenm (B) which cannot be solved (C) /with a little effort (D)/ No. Error. (E)

  15. This is perhaps (A)/ the same dog which (B) / bit her while she was returning (C)/from market. (D) /No Error. (E)

  16. As he is (A)/a perfectionist, (B) so he always insists (C)/ on regular practice. (D)/ No Error. (E)

  17. Although these rooms (A)/ are in need of repair, (B)/ but the owner does not take (C) /any notice of their conditions. (D) / No Error. (E)

  18. He was so clever (A)/that everybody's attempt (B) / to misguide him (C) /proved to be futile. (D) No Error. (E)

  19. India's banking sector (1)/ is stagnant (2)/ and faces (3)/ neither increase or decrease in growth. (4)/ No error (5)

  20. (a) You are quite cynical/ (b) when you say that the reason why we have/ (c) such a large turnout is because we are serving refreshments./ (d) no error.

  21. (a) The period / (b) between 1970 to 1990 (c) was very significant in my life./ (d) no error

  22. Scarcely had he (A)/gone a few steps (B) /that he was told by someone (C)/ that his mother was no more. (D) No Error. (E)

  23. Mrs. Sen told me that though (A)/her son had worked hard but (B) /he failed to make (C) /any mark in the last examination. (D)/ No Error. (E)

  24. Hardly had the speaker (A)/finished speaker, then (B) / the lights went out and (C) /there was an uproar in the hall. (D) No Error. (E)

  25. Dr. Sinha was not only (A)/ sympathetic to the rich (B) / patients but also (C)/to the poor ones. (D) No Error. (E)

  26. Both the rich along with (A)/ the poor are responsible for a (B) / great many vices with which our society (C)/ as well as country is inflicted. (D) No Error. (E)

  27. His offence was such (A)/ as he was bound to suffer (B) / and ultimately (C) / meet his doom. (D) No Error. (E)

  28. No sooner had the train (A)/arrived then the crowd rushed (B) / towards the compartment to greet their leader (C) / who was travelling by that train (D) No Error. (E)

  29. Hardly had the wheels touched (A)/ the ground than the pilot indicated (B) / with his fingers how many (C)/ injured people he was carrying. (D) / No Error.

  30. No sooner was the agitation (A)/ in Darjeeling silenced, (B) / the Bodo Land activity (C) /in Assam erupted. (D) No Error. (E)

  31. The programme was (A) /almost fixed and it was (B)/ my friend's insincerity that upset the whole (C) / thing and disappointed us. (D)/No Error. (E)

  32. He did not (A)/succeed in the examination (B) /yet he (C) / worked hard. (D)/ No Error. (E)