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Era Of One Party Dominance (in Hindi)
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In this lesson, we talk about the tough choices that our leaders had to make when they chose democracy as a form of government

Lavanya Kapoor
Pursuing B.El.Ed from DU. Happy reader! Occasional gyaani :)

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  1. Era of One-Party Dominance

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  3. The tough choice of democracy We say quite easily that we opted for democracy We cherish that it was a good decision However, it was a really, really tough call, specially for a country like India, with continental diversity

  4. The easy way out for other countries Many other countries did not go for a democracy after their respective National struggles They thought that integrating their country was their foremost priority And so, they opted for other forms of Government

  5. Russia decided to become a democracy in 1991, when the Soviet Union had disintegrated Long before that, they had been experimenting with communism, and utterly failed It took a long time for them to become a democracy

  6. Even after the Korean war of 1950, North Korea decided to remain a dictatorship. It still is a dictatorship, and not a democracy China is still not a democracy

  7. Why the apprehension for democracy? Democracy, they felt, gives a lot of voice to all sections of the society So, the chances of conflicts tends to increase Basically, the people who say this believe in exploitation of the masses

  8. The choice made by India These issues were to get multiplied in the case of India, due to the immense diversity However, our leaders had the integrity to stay loyal to the people and our National movement All these problems were known by India

  9. Finally, all the decisions regarding the Indian Nation state were taken Now it was time to actually hold our democratic elections It was time to run our country democratically The journey is extremely fascinating!

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