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Equality in Indian Democracy (in Hindi)
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This lesson explains about equality in India.

Ruchita Sharma
B.A (hons) Political Science, M.A in Sociology from Delhi University, B.ED , Qualified Prelims

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Thanku sir.... Good class

  2. ABOUT ME B.A (hons) Political Science Delhi University MLA in Sociology Qualified Prelims Hobbies : Solving puzzles & Music Rate, Review, Recommend, Share & Follow

  3. CONTENTS Equal Right to Vote. *Inequalities. &Equality in Indian Democracy.

  4. INTRODUCTION Equality is a key feature of democracy and influences all aspects of its functioning.

  5. EQUAL RIGHT TO VOTE Universal Adult Franchise is an essential aspect of all democracies. It means that all adult citizens have the right to vote irrespective of their social or economic backgrounds.

  6. INEQUALITIES Forms of inequalities :- Caste System Sex 2 Lack of Resources 3

  7. EQUALITY IN INDIAN DEMOCRACY The Indian Constitution recognizes every person as equal In Democratic India, the principle of the equality of all persons is recognized.

  8. EQUALITY IN INDIAN DEMOCRACY The recognition of equality includes some of the following provisions Every person is equal before the law. No person can be discriminated against on the basis of their religion, 1) 2) race, caste, place of birth or whether they female or male Every person has access to all public places Untouchability has been abolished. 3) 4)

  9. EQUALITY IN INDIAN DEMOCRACY One of the steps taken by the government includes the midday meal scheme.