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Entropy Handpicked Question Series PART-3 (in Hindi)
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Question based on resistor with insulation and without insulation

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Deep Sangeet Maity
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in this question when resister was not insulated (1st phase of the question) why we can't use (delta S) resister = -Q/T hear heat is rejected that's why Q will become -ve ,,, IS NOT IT ?
hear also temperature made constant then, why we can't use this formula. (-Q/T) ?🤔🤔 why we are using the formula mcpln(T2/T1)
Deep Sangeet Maity
10 months ago
you can't use -Q/T for resistor Becoz resistor is a system(solid) for solid ∆s=m C ln(T2/T1).... and tell me if you are taking -Q/T for delta S (resistor) then what will be the surrounding's delta S
hear our system is resister Q (=i2rt) amount of heat comes from surrounding ,and by question temp of the resister made constant (that is not possible by adding heat from surrounding , after that also by the question demand it is made constant at 300 k ) then (delta s) system= Q/T and (delta s) surrounding=(that amount of heat comes to the surrounding)/(temp of surrounding) and by adding these qualities we will gate (delta s) universe Sir , is there any chance that I can send my photo copy of hand written language
this is difficult to write every symbol and confusion that happens to me at this comment box.
Deep Sangeet Maity
10 months ago
see the difference... resistor is a solid body , for resistor we need an input for getting an output.. In this case electrical energy causes Q to transfer to you can't use Q/T formula... Q/T formula is applicable for Infinite bodies .. Infinite body means either there is input or output like Source(Thermal reservoir) can provide heat continuously without any input to it and it's specific heat capacity is also infinite so for Infinite bodies we'll use ∆S= Q/T... Resistor is finite solid body where we need some input (in this case electrical energy) to get output.... so here ∆S = m C ln(T2/T1) will be used and T1=T2 so ∆S=0
thank you so much
thank you so much
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