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Entropy Concepts : lesson 7
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Change in entropy calculations for solids, liquids and gases (all entropy calculation formulae )

Shivam Gupta
YouTuber : 3 times GATE qualified🏆 : ESE written qualified : PSU's qualified : Mechanical lover 🏅: musician : model : all Rounder 🥇

Unacademy user
Sir please upload for boat and stream video
Thank you so much sir for your valuable lectures... These lectures make me more understand about entropy..
Shivam Gupta
10 months ago
Good to know that Prem.. keep learning 😊
Shivam Gupta
10 months ago
And dnt hesitate to ask your doubts
sir please solve a gate problem for more clearity .
Shivam Gupta
10 months ago
Sure Sunil.. will make more lessons on numericals soon..😊
  1. Concepts of ENTR0 Presented Ey: ShivamGupta

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