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Entomophily and Ornithophily
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This lesson provides an insight into the concept of Entomophily and Ornithophily .

Shreyaa Sharma
Bot & Zoo grad. Qualified IIT JAM. Masters in Envtl. Sc. - Sustainable Devpt. and Disaster Management . A curious learner :-) .

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  2. ENTOMOPHILY Gk. Entomon-insect, Philein to love Definition It is the most common type of Zoophily in which the pollen grains of ripe anthers of one flower are transferred to the mature stigma of another flower through the agency of insects like moths , butterflies, wasps, bees, beetles, etc. The insects visit the flowers in lieu of nectar, edible pollen grains or shelter and bring about pollination in the due course.

  3. CHARACTERISTICS OF ENTOMOPHILOUS FLOWERS VThey are large and showy VIncase the petals aren't showy, other parts become showy as observed in case of VPossess a landing platform Brightly coloured for attracting insects The small flowers become conspicuous by grouping , example sunflower bracts in Bongainvillea, leaves in Eupborbia, etc Have pleasant odours or foul smells (Pleasant odours attract insects and foul smell smells ( Pleasant odours attract insects and foul smell attracts flies and beetles)

  4. CHARACTERISTICS OF ENTOMOPHILOUS FLOWERS VPossess nectaries Some plants have edible pollen grains as in case of Magnolia, Clematis, et Some plants have edible pollen grains as in case of Magnoli, dimatu, ek Possess sticky stigmas Some flowers provide shelter, nestling ares to insects for laying eggs as in case of Yuca, Amorphophallus Possess peculiar structure for example , in several species of orchid, Opbrys speculum, the shape, colour markings and odour of the flowers is like the female moth Colpa as a result of which, the male moth mistakes the flower to be its female counterpart and copulates with the flower (pseudocopulation ) as a result of which , pollination is brought about Some flowers provide shelter, nestling ares to insects for laying eggs as in case of Yucca,

  5. ORNITHOPHILY Gk. Ornis- bird, Philein-to love Definition: It is the pollination brought about by birds Only a few types of birds are specialised to carry out this kind of pollination They are usually small in size and have long beaks The most common pollinating birds are Humming birds and sun birds Example - Bombax, Agave, Bottle Brush, etc.

  6. CHARACTERISTICS OF BIRD POLLINATED FLOWERS VSecrete watery nectar and usually have edible parts sually brightly coloure in hues of red, orange, yellow or blue Corolla is usually funnel shaped v Corolla is usually funnel