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English Vocabulary-Lesson-1 (in Hindi)
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In this lesson i have compiled vocabulary words taken from the paper The Hindu.

Somanshu Batra
Banking exam aspirant,musician by heart,memer by choice,part time educator

Unacademy user
seetha ennathu stress chyth parayaleeee
sir you're examples are so great and gives the clear meaning, keep up the God work really loved your lesson . Thank you so much
Lakshay behl
17 days ago
bas kar saad hahahah, waise sahi mei nice lesson somanshu
your teaching is articulated ... waiting for your next course.
  1. English Vocabulary words with sentences From The Hindu.

  2. . Somanshu Batra (M.Com(Bus.Adm) * Banking Exam Aspirant * Teaching Experience of 3 years to classes upto 10th

  3. Exasperate: frustrating,annoying . Sentence: (a) His behaviour exasperated my mood (b) He was looking exasperated

  4. .Imminent:About to happen,upcoming( . Sentence: (a)The lok sabha elections are may (b) SBI-PO(2019) exam is imminent imminent in the menth of april-

  5. . Instigate: To provoke,incite( Sentence: (a) The opposition got instigated by the speech of speaker (b) He instigated a negative energy in me

  6. Articulate: Speaking in a clear and effective manner;e oquent . Sentence: (a)Your creativity should be articulated in an effective manner (b)The speech was articulated effectively

  7. Unprecedented: Never seen/experience before .Sentence: (a) The economy showed an unprecedented growth (b) His life is an example of unprecedented struggle

  8. Bosporus: A strait or a narrow sea between two seas .Sentence: (a)A bosporus is there between india and sri lanka (b) A bosporus is located on northwest turkey

  9. .Tussle: A conflict,fight,arguement (E .Sentence: a) There was a strong tussle betweern RBI and central govt. (b) A vigorous tussle is happening between the wrestlers

  10. Fiasco: A complete failure .Sentence: (a) Demonetisation was a fiasco for the govt. (b) Pakistan's attack by their F-16 on india was a fiasco

  11. Proponent: Advisor,friend,advocat e .Sentence: (a) Mehta saheb is proponent to jethalal (b) Russia has been a great proponent for india