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English structures (English Speaking course) (in Hindi)
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This video is based on English Structures which are very useful for those who want to develop their Spoken English skills. If you want to become a fluent English speaker you watch all our videos. Thank you

Manoj Kumar Sharma
Director of PD CLASSES in Sgnr (Raj.). My Channel is PD CLASSES. I have done my MPhil in Eng. & MBA (Author of 3 books on Interview & Eng.)

  1. Subject + is/am/are + to + verb 1st form + object ! I am to take tea. JT 1 You are to go home. Tef I'm to throw a party IThey are to catch the bu

  2. Subject + was/were + to verb I" form + object FZft 4G. They were to watch the movie. ZT TTIT 1 We were to invest money. ytatu 1 You were to fly abroad. tETI aTI I He was to run fast. ZT MFT l I was to ride the bike. reim 1 You were to fly abroad.

  3. 1 0 Subject + may have to + verb Is form + object ZTF, 3THT 1 we may have to come at six. tp You may have to swim. TTT bFTI I may have to join Indian Air force. RT