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English Phrasal Verbs (in Malayalam)
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Muhammed fasal
I have overall 5 years in touch with PSC classes. Also worked for G tech computer centre as computer hardware teaching. I am very confiden

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Muhammed fasal
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this is an infromative content.. People will love this thing. 👍
Muhammed fasal
a year ago
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ഇക്ക ഞങ്ങളുടെ മുത്താണ്... thank you for the information
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a year ago
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Muhammed fasal
a year ago
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  1. 6 most useful phrasal verbs 1. Give up 2. give in Example give up I give up - tell me the answer Example give in .I asked my parents many times for a bike. Finally they gave in

  2. 3. carry on 4. carry out Example carry on I would like to carry on my father's traditions Example carry out Don't blame me, I am only carrying out my orders

  3. 5. Look after 6. look back Example look after One person looks after the store and another looks after the office Example look back When i look back, i got all mistakes.