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English Newspaper #Issue01(in Hindi)
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The lesson covers important articles on English Grammar Vocabulary for SSC Banking Railways and other government Examinations

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Neharika Jayani
Sr. Lecturer & Online Educator-Maths & English, Teaches for Govt. Exams Like SSC, Railways, Bank, CDS,

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mam I want study sbi po pre
please please ma'am ye series continue rakhiye .
At least one instance of each phrase and idiom would have been more productive.
mam yeh news say aapnay aisay link kia??i mean connection ni pata chla
  1. ENGLISH NEWSPAPER FOR SSC #Issue 01 November 2018 Neharika Jayani IMPORTANT ENGLISH GRAMMAR RULES Rule In sentences like Rule: There are some special nouns which remain unchanged in both singular and plural forms. Some of them are (a) series, species, deer, sheep, fish Noun Preposition + Noun. i.e. if same kind of nouns are separated by a preposition, then both Nouns are always singular. (although we use 'fishes' too sometimes to imply their different races For e.g. (i) row upon row, (b) Name of some fishes like - Salmon, (ii) day by day Turbot, Pike, Mackerel, Plaice etc. (c) With headquarters, means, dozen, hundred, thousand, score, agenda, data eto Women after women Woman after Woman is the correct usage

  2. ENGLISH NEWSPAPER FOR SSC #Issue 01 November 2018 Neharika Jayani IDIOMS AND PHRASES Beating around the bush: Meaning-Avoiding the main topic Spill the beans: Meaning-To disclose a secret Chip on your shoulder: Meaning-When someone is upset about something that happened a while ago Piece of cake: Meaning-Something that is easy to understand or do Cry over spilt milk: Meaning-Complaining about a loss or failure Meaning-Something good and useful that did from the past Blessing in disguise: not initially seem that way

  3. ENGLISH NEWSPAPER FOR SSC #Issue 01 November 2018 Neharika Jayani ONE WORD SUBSTITUTION One who marries a second wife/ husband State of growth between boyhood & while the legal spouse is alive Bigamist youth Adolescence One vowed to a single or unmarried Marrying one husband/ wife at a time Polygamy life Celibate A hater of marriage Misogamist One having more than one wife or husband at Marrying more than one husband at a time Polyandry a time Polygamist Hater of mankind Misanthrope