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English Conversation with Rickshaw Pullers (in Hindi)
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English Conversation with Rickshaw pullers through Hindi

Sheetal Sharma
Be so happy that when others look at you they become happy too ! History Honours from Delhi University, Law Graduate ,Loves travelling.

Unacademy user
nice technique to teach nice sir
nice madm your is vry sweet honey
it will be 50 rupee note.(instead of rupees note),,, you are doing it well...but this one is lil funny..keep going
Sheetal Sharma
2 years ago
I beg your pardon.
Lushe Grewal
2 years ago
hey , you dont need to do are doing a great job.even i have seen 5-6 courses made by you.all are superb.i have become a fan of your work and that is why i dont miss any chance to appreciate your more thing i have not met any rickshaw puller speaking english ,that was the funny part for me to imagine such situation.your lectures are very helpful.sorry i think thoda zyada ho gya : )