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Electronic spectra , colour &magnetism part1 (in Hindi)
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Cover important previous year question of csir net exam

Sd Chemistry is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Sd Chemistry
M.SC CHEMISTRY GATE QUALIFIED CSIR NET JRF QUALIFIED goal to provide quality education to learners

Unacademy user
that is a very good course
Sir, if u will get the notification ...then plz reply // which is more covalent: Al2S3, AlN, Al2Cl6, Al2O3
Sir please check the question no. 3 According to me the answer must be (c)
why a is not correct for first que?
Sd Chemistry
10 months ago
F is weakest ligand it absorb light of low energy means longest wavelength they r asking about shortest wavelength
sir tell me how Cl-is pie accepor ligand?
Ganesh Daimary
9 months ago
it's sigma donor
why geomenty of 2 nd question is td???