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Early Nationalism
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In this lesson we get introduced to the concept of Nationalism and Nation and the reasons for the rise of Nationalism.

Nithin Kunneparambil
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  1. Course:- Elaborate Course on Modern Indian History Lesson 1:- Early Nationalism PRESENTED BY NITHIN KuNNEPARAMBIL

  2. Recap !! Arrival of Europeans The power structure that ruled India (1707-1757) The British Expansionism (1757 1857) The Revolt of 1857 The Socio Religious Movement. Now, it is the time for Early Nationalism and formation of Indian National Congress

  3. Big Question!! When was this country formed?

  4. What is the difference betweer Nation, State and Nation State ? In India, we have concept like Saptanga theory of Kautilya in Arthashastra. Swamin Amatya Kosha Janapada Durga Mitra Bala

  5. Nationalism Bit Philosophical. Lot of theories Western Import - Unification of Italy and Germany Idea of Middle class movement NATIONALISM FROM ABOVE Idea of Sub Altern Nationalism NATIONALISM FROM BELOW

  6. Definition . Indian Nationalism, in modern sense needs to be understood very carefully as the reactionism to the colonial oppression and is spearheaded by middle class and aided much by intellectual discourse And the manifestation to the highest extend was seen as Indians formed INDIAN NATIONAL CONGRESS One of the most dynamic phase which includes clashes of many doctrines and theories including COMMUNISM, COMMUNALISM, SOCIALISM, GANDHISM, NATIONALISM etc

  7. Indian Nationalism- Factors . Self Respect and Socio Religious Movement. Role of Colonial rule:-Modern Administration . Role of Uniform laws Modern Western Education and political thoughts like Equality, liberty, Fraternity and concept of Nation state. Impact of modern means of transportation and communication like railways and telegraph. Role of British economics policies like deindustrialization, commercialization of Agri, drain of wealth, Famines Press and Journals in English and Vernacular Languages.