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Early experiments (in Hindi)
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The lessons describes the process of photosynthesis and early experiments related to it.

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Tamanna Chaudhary
नमस्ते 🙏 The Newton's apple. 🍎 Subscribe to my Telegram channel- @physics_tcarmy for instant updates.

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सर जी कल के लाइव में मैं 3 सेमेस्टर बताया था, आपको second सेमेस्टर में हूँ ,सर जी
Mahesh Mishra
8 months ago
dekha tha dost's okay ☺️🌿
8 months ago
ok, sir ji
so helpful this was...,😃...thnxx mam
mam why black paper hinder photosynthesis as black body can transmit all wavelengths as it is so by black paper photosynthesis must be elevated
MAAM.. DOUBT!! 6th slide me photosynthesis equation k right hand side me aapne jo water ka oxygen part ko dikhaya h.. agar wo oxygen left side waale water se aaya h..i.e O (18) hai… then dono side me oxygen toh balancing nhi ho raha h na?? aapne jo show kiya h.. uss hissab se toh left side me 12 Oxygen (18) hai & right side me total 18 oxygen hai… similarly left side me 12 O (16 ) hai.. jab ki right side me 6 O(16) hai… I think right side me jo water nikal raha h... uska oxygen CO2 se aa raha h,....please maam gussa mt hoiyega… mujhe thoda confusion hua…. thanks a lot !!

  2. otosynthesis in Higher Plan Sunliaht otoPc H12 602 energy) ChemFcal energy Van Nei Ruben ond Kamen - Dutng photosynthes , is evolved from t,o not co Former es fmates- 10% of dry matter% produced by land plants.. q0% by ocean Present est?mates-Productfu?ty of land plants 68% total

  3. Experfment to demonstrate that tght and chilorophyll are necessary for photosyn Take 2-3 leaves of a destrached plants L dover it ufth black paper Shou negalve starch test Cdoesnt glve blue colon with starch) other part of leaf Expertment- One leaf was enclosed in tstabe contakring koH soak ed One leaf was exposed to af r Starch tesrt Starch test PosTtive Negafve (kot abporbed co2

  4. HPstor cal account-Early ts e) Joseph Priestey (1733-180) -Role of dir In grouth of green plants experi men Candle gets >extfingGished and Mouse doesnt die -> andle doesnt get extnguishe the mouse dies Lavo ten - Plants take In co, (phlogistor) and gve out Q dephlogs ton) 9 Jan Ingenhousz (H30-1799) _ Showed that sunt nt % 9m portant for photosynthesps In aquialfe plant Hydrla th presence of sunitght, bubble (0) were lenmet orm in absence of sunlight, bubbles werent for med

  5. d) Jultas von Sachs- Found n 1854 that green parts of plant is where glucose Rs made and stored n lormed o starch e) Tnl. Enqelmann Experimented on Cladophora. VIBGYOR Illuminated Prism ... Baterma mainly acuumulated tn the reqon blue and red prt of VIBGYOR white Cladophora Placed n the suspension aerobPc bactera FArst aclton spectrum of phobosynthesis Comelfus van Niel-Conterred that H released from suitable or? desable Compound reduces CO29 2H-0_+6C0, Sunlight Only Holt-H2 opes n the ormation of cfhrR

  6. 9 Ruben, Kamel. et al- Proved that o evolves jrem tio notCo2 (6 Visible tight % 400-700 nm qs called Photosynthetically-acHve radiation (390 160 nm)