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Digital System: Flip Flop and its Logic Diagrams
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In this lesson, Aarushi has discussed Flip Flop and its Logic Diagrams.

Aarushi Sharma
I am done Bsc electronics and graduated.

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  1. D Flip Flop D flip flop is actually a slight modification of the above explained clocked SR flip- flop. The D flip-flop tracks the input, making transitions with match those of the input D. A D flip-flop can be made from a set/reset flip-flop by tying the set to the reset through an inverter.

  2. Logic diagram CP Graphic Symbol Logic Diagram

  3. Characteristic Table

  4. J-K Flip Flop A J-K flip flop can also be defined as a modification of the S-R flip flop The only difference is that the intermediate state is more refined and precise than that of a S-R flip flop. The behavior of inputs J and K is same as the S and R inputs of the S-R flip flop. The letter J stands for SET and the letter K stands for CLEAR.

  5. Logic diagram OP CP tr Graphic Symbol Logic Diagram

  6. Characteristic Table

  7. T Flip Flop This is a much simpler version of the J-K flip flop. Both the J and K inputs are connected together and thus are also called a single input J-K flip flop. When clock pulse is given to the flip flop, the output begins to toggle.

  8. Logic diagram CP 0 Graphic Symbol Logic Diagram

  9. Characteristic table 0